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Sonar E Fazer são coisas diferentes 

About us

Hi folks Patrick here, first and foremost thank you for visiting our new site!

We are super excited to finally get up and running and are looking forward to helping our customers improve their bbqing experience with the fantastic range of  products we have available. 

Fuego Foods has been in the works for over 10 years starting with a BBQ that took place in Ballybough, Dublin. While working in the Temple Bar Pub with two lads from Bahia, Brazil and they kindly invited me to a BBQ in their house where I presumed we’d be eating burgers and burn’t sausages on a rusty old gas BBQ. Instead they had built a fire pit with 8 blocks and a grill rack out of an oven ,and on that grill was the first time I had ever seen a Pichana and it was caked in course sea salt. 

I was skeptical at best, haven growing up in Tipperary I was partial to a bit of beef, but roasted in a glass bowl in an oven, with a few roast potatoes and a bit of mash. But not a massive lump of beef covered in salt grilled on a few blocks out the back of a house dipped in some yellow breadcrumb type thing. But I was in a very awkward  position, I was the only Gringo there and everyone was super excited I was going to try Brazilian BBQ for the first time. Thank god! I always shied away from trying different things but there was no getting away from this one. I grabbed a plate took a few slices of beef poured some farofa on top and bit into the greatest combination of two foods since Mr Tatyo & Mr Brennan. My mind was totally blown, the fat was cooked perfectly and the meat was lean, juicy and tender. A bit on the salty side but I was hooked, not only on the BBQ but the atmosphere, hospitality and the friendliness shown to me by the Brazilians at the party.


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