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Dick Premier Plus 2-Piece Gift Set

252.74 inc. VAT

252.74 inc. VAT

Dick Premier Plus 2-Piece Gift Set

252.74 inc. VAT


Includes 8″ Chefs Knife and 3″ Paring Knife

Whether you’re treating yourself to new kitchen knives or giving a loved one the perfect gift, this is the perfect product for you. The set contains an 8-inch chef knife and a 3-inch paring knife from the Dick Premier Plus range. Both knives are made from a high quality alloy, X50CrMoV15, which gives it a razor sharp edge that gives it superior edge retention, making it easy to hone for effortless food prep time and time again.

Not only are these knives high quality, they’re perfect for home and work use. If you’re whipping up a quick meal for the family or preparing cover after cover in a fast paced restaurant, this knife set won’t let you down. A comfortable handle and even balance makes the knives the perfect tool for any aspiring or professional chef.

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Product features

  • Material¬†Chromium Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell hardness rating¬†56¬į
  • Weight¬†500g
  • Colour¬†Black
  • 8″ Premium Plus Chef Knife
  • 3″ Premier Plus Paring Knife
  • Chef Knife Weight: 260g
  • Paring Knife Weight: 50g
  • Sharpened, whetted, honed and polished by hand for a superior blade quality
  • Handwashing recommended‚ā¨173.99


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