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Dick Titan Knife Sharpening Steel 30.5cm

251.39 inc. VAT

251.39 inc. VAT

Dick Titan Knife Sharpening Steel 30.5cm

251.39 inc. VAT


Steel length: 305mm / 12″ | Diamond steel

Maintain the superior cutting performance of your chef knives for even longer by caring for them with this sharpening steel from Dick’s Titan collection. The strong oval blade has a diamond coating that makes it even tougher – this Titan steel is up to three times harder than a standard steel sharpener.

Suitable for use with practically any kitchen knife, just a few strokes is all it takes to restore those blades to their former glory. The steel Titan is also designed with a balanced taper towards the tip which, combined with an easy-grip handle, puts you in complete control to sharpen safely. Between uses, it is easy to clean and maintain, and you can even hang it up thanks to the convenient hook on the end of the handle.

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Product features

  • Dimensions 12(L)”
  • Material Diamond Steel
  • Rockwell hardness rating 66°
  • Weight 460g
  • Colour Black
  • Maintains the sharpness of almost any blade in just a few easy strokes
  • Restores blades to their former glory for continued chopping performance
  • Super-strong diamond coating is three times harder than a standard steel
  • Tough coated oval blade will last far longer in a commercial kitchen
  • Balanced taper towards the tip of the steel provides the perfect feel
  • Comfortable easy-grip handle puts you in complete control for safer sharpening
  • Hook on end of handle helps you save on storage space by hanging it up instead


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