Grill Fanatics – White Quebracho 10kg

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50-200mm / 10kg

The White Quebracho is personally our preferred charcoal to use whether we are having an asado on the parilla or smoking some ribs on The Bastard.

This charcoal is produced from the wood of the Quebracho tree (white holm oak) that grows in South American Paraguay. The properties of this charcoal are that it has a much longer burning time than European charcoal, gives a neutral mild smokey taste, the pieces are quite large (50 to 200 mm)

When you have finished your BBQ you can extinguish the charcoal by closing the lid and shutting off the air supply and it is super easy to relight the next time you BBQ, just don’t forget to remove the old ashes first.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 cm


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