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Spirit Optic Dispenser Stamped 35ml

6.62 inc. VAT

6.62 inc. VAT

Spirit Optic Dispenser Stamped 35ml

6.62 inc. VAT

Product features

  • Capacity¬†35ml
  • Material¬†Rubber
  • Weight¬†90g
  • Colour¬†Black
  • Clean and simple design
  • Spirit measurement on the front
  • Clear panel to view the spirit line
  • Government stamped
  • Supplier Model Number: 3066
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In a traditional conical shape and with a black finish all over, this spirit optic dispenser by Beaumont features three arms for ease of dispense. A precise 35ml measurement allows you to get your measurements correct every time and save on wastage. Rubber seals allow this item to fit tightly on the bottle neck and stop any spirit escaping when in use.


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